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My submission for the Search for a Star competition 2018


Having looked at the brief, I initially struggled to come up with my idea as I wasn’t sure how to make the four animations loop together as one. I had a look at some videos of gymnasts and dancers to see if I could find something I thought might work, however none of it really seemed to click in my mind. I looked through the examples given in the brief and reconsidered my approach. Given the time limit I had and having to work on university projects alongside ths one, I decided to keep the animations as simple as posible, concentrating on polishing and making them as well as I could rather than being overly ambitious. 
As it was, I chose a running jump with a roll to recover. I wanted to make a very dramatic style of clip and so thought that a soldier could work well. It gives a great colour scheme to work with, a gun will add interest to the animations and it is also very different to most of the rest of my work, giving me an opportunity to showcase different skills. 


I feel like this project was quite a challenge. Making multiple animations that can loop together was new to me and so I’ve learnt new techniques in how to handle a project like that. It also pushed me to think thouroughly about my motives and desired outcomes for my animations, making me research in more depth than I usually would. This will definitely help improve my work in the future. 
Overall, I am pleased with how this project has turned out. I was able to explore my creativity in terms of finding and sticking to a theme and expressing a mood and atmosphere through both my animation and rendering. I think the animations themselves came out well considering the amount of time I had to spend on them, however if I were to revisit them I would be able to polish them up better. In particular I think the slow motion could be improved. It was the first time I had tried to animate slow motion and it turned out well considering but there is definite room for improvement there. 
This project has taught me a lot about the process for making game animations and given my enjoyment of it, I am confident I’m on the right path to my ideal career. 

Model by CanNav

Rig made in Mixamo

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